Pepatian Productions creates, documents and supports the production of video, audio, print and new media material generated by Latino and Bronx-based artists.


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FILM: Out of La Negrura/Out of Blackness

Documentary videos of creative process and performances with artist interviews offer an “insiders perspective” on Afro-Carribean-Latino artists making work in the South Bronx.

First project in process: Out of la Negrura/Out of Blackness.


Pepatián Publishing

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Poetry book with CD featuring the work of seven Bronx artists: poets Caridad de la Luz/La Bruja, John Rodriguez, Jessica Roman, Rokafella and Victoria Sammartino, with photographs by Marisol Diaz. CD includes poems recorded by the artists with DJ G-Bo the Pro/ILL-Eagle Music providing beats.

Book cover design: Dennis Sellin. Published 2003.

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EXCERPTS from SHOUT OUT featured in:

MOSAIC MAGAZINE, Issue 15, Summer 2005

For all of its seven years Mosaic has called the Bronx home. In this issue we focus on poets who were born here or, as in the case of James Baldwin, spent formative years in the borough of hills.

Five poets stepping out of the Bronx, NYC – the birthplace of lyrical contenders – enter the stream of artists who are keeping it real by keeping it local. Featured in the chapbook “SHOUT OUT,” these pieces reflect the borough’s new vocal vibrancy.

BRONX DANCE MAGAZINE, Issue 11, September/October 2004 content/uploads/2010/07/back_issue_11.pdf 
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BOOK REVIEW featured in:

Focus on Arte Boricua Books

“John Rodriguez pays homage to Spiderman, the most street superhero I know, in his poem, Spidermanizm,

Dedicated to my first hero who taught me that with great power comes great responsibility …and who showed me that
when you get to the end of your rope the least you can do is swing, baby.

…Caridad de la Luz’s ode to women everywhere is empowering and lyrically enchanting,

…I see a temple in your eyes / With the doors open wide…

…To all the prayers, psalms
And poetry inside…

Marisol Diaz’s beautiful, untitled photos of Bronx scenes illustrate the poems wonderfully making it a successful combination of word and art.”