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Jasmine Hearn, Marili Pizarro, Alethea Pace.
photo credit: © Marisol Diaz, 2017



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Samplings of Bronx Scholarship_Bronx Artist Now 2016


Bronx Artists Now: Showcase & Conversation 2016

Three writers — A. Nia Austin-Edwards, Layza Garcia, and John Maney, Jr. – wrote reflections about the showcase and conversation event. Excerpts from their essays are available – click HERE






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Click to see ESSAYS on 2013 Bronx Artist APAP Showcase 

by Taja Lindley; Naomi Hersson-Ringskog and Simply Rob


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After five years of producing showcases that featured over 40 artists at City Center, Pepatian then introduced a new showcase model, APAP@HOME.


Initiated in 2011 by Jane Gabriels, APAP@HOME works with a network of South Bronx performance spaces to create a unique opportunity for presenters and funders to tour three Bronx venues and see showcases of new work by Latino and Bronx-based multidisciplinary dance and performance artists.


Venues include: BAAD!/Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Bronx Council on the Arts, Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture and Pregones Theater.


Reviews & Responses:


APAP@Home was exactly what an APAP showcase should be – authentic, dynamic, and welcoming. The entire program was extremely well organized and brought together an interesting group of artists and presenters for a full day of exploration and conversation. I felt like I got a clear picture of the work of the participating artists, as well as a strong sense of the Bronx dance community.

– Tamara Greenfield, Executive Director, Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc)



Having heard about APAP@HOME from a colleague, I was attracted by its formula of bringing the presenters to the artists in their own spaces and context instead of bringing the artists down to central Manhattan for a showcase, which turned out to be a brilliant concept. This formula is not only beneficial for the artists – who are sure to get full and focused attention thanks to the well-timed schedule – but it also allows for a uniquely enriching experience for the audience of presenters. Being physically present in the Bronx made us even more aware of the value of the art practices that are being developed there. The thoughtfully composed program of the event exposed the presenters to a wide range of artistic approaches and practices rooted in the Bronx, some of which are directly engaged with community issues and stimulate empowerment through multi-disciplinary expression, while others provide a safe heaven of artistic research and aesthetic delight. APAP@HOME thus offered an invaluable insight in the dynamic cultural life of the Bronx and the work of its artists. A perfect introduction in a scene worth exploring.

– Kristin Rogghe, freelance art writer: Rekto:Verso, Urbanmag, Corpus Kunstkritiek – Belgium)