PEPATIÁN is a South Bronx-based organization dedicated to creating, producing and supporting contemporary multi-disciplinary art by Latino and Bronx-based artists.

"This organization provides essential performance opportunities and programming in the South Bronx. Courageous programs and outstanding artists make the organization stand out. Its target audiences are those most in need of vibrant and excellent storytelling. Operating on a shoestring, Pepatián fills in gaps that address gender, race, sexuality, and healthy communication for enthusiastic audiences and participants."
-- Thomas F. DeFrantz



Originally founded by PEPON OSORIO (visual artist, MacArthur Fellow), MERIAN SOTO (Bessie-award winning choreographer) and PATTI BRADSHAW (choreographer/dancer) as an artists' collective in 1983. Pepatián earned a reputation within the visual and performing arts community for its ability to respond to the needs of the field and create successful projects with limited resources.

After seven years at Pepatián, JANE GABRIELS became its director in 2006-07. Under her leadership, Pepatián continues its mandate to reach out to Latino artists and audiences underserved by mainstream institutions through performances, residencies, workshops, panels, arts education, mentoring projects, Q&As, and other programming that is deeply rooted in the borough. Pepatián strives to encourage audience understanding and appreciation of the diversity of contemporary Latino arts in NYC, across the US and internationally, but feels a special commitment to its home base in the South Bronx.

Pepatián continues the legacy of Osorio and Soto through its commitment to involving local Bronx and Latino community in artistic process and product, and expands on their dedication to programming that supports and strengthens Latino performance through its Bronx Artist Spotlight series. This series began with 1999 Bronx Dance Festival, and includes Jump It Up and Fall Into It (annual borough-wide celebration of artists and venues, 2001-2006), produced by Jane Gabriels. These consistent platforms highlighted the borough's artistic resources (dance artists, non-profit centers and performance spaces) and led to collaborations with: four years of annual showcases for 10 choreographers and spoken word artists at APAP/Association of Performing Arts Presenters annual NYC conference, 2003-06; collaborations with NYC Latino Film Festival, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, DanceNow Downtown, Stuyvesant Cove Park, LMCC Nassau Street, Jacobs Pillow Inside/Out Stage, residencies and performances at PA's Painted Bride, Cornell University, Huntington Summer Arts Festival, Lexington Center for the Arts (2003-2006), among others.

Pepatián helps provide a regional draw and vital network for performing arts in the Bronx, raising visibility of artists making work in the borough. Several generations of Latino artists throughout its 20-year history have been positively affected by this proven ability to formulate significant projects and collaborations.

In June 2000, Pepatián was recognized and given an award from the Bronx Council on the Arts and the Bronx Borough President for its contributions to the cultural well-being of The Bronx.

Pepatián is a member of the Bronx Dance Coalition.






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